Karen Levik

Content manager at Marketing Lemur

Open AI Announces GPT Store Launch This Week

Open AI has announced that it will launch the GPT Store this week. It's an eagerly awaited moment for many, while others are unsure of its potential impact and contributions to our lives.

In this article, we have compiled 10 interesting Custom GPTs for you, some of which are quite fun and others that will enhance your productivity.

Let's get started.

1- PetPix Magic - Pet Photos to Cartoon Characters

Converts pet photos into PIXAR characters.

With this GPT, you can turn your pet's photos into PIXAR characters. PetMix creates a new avatar inspired by the photo you upload:

Try it here: PetPix Magic - Pet Photos to Cartoon Characters

Here's what my pet Layka's avatar looks like. I'm happy to show it :)


And here is the avatar.

PetPix Magic Generated Avatar

2- Most Used 5000 English Words

An English tutor using the Oxford 5000 word list.

Try it here: Most Used 5000 English Words

Learning English might be easier than you think, especially if you have a resource that can teach you the most used words in English, create example sentences, and help with pronunciation.

"Most Used 5000 English Words" offers this opportunity, teaching you words and aiding memory retention through example sentences using Oxford's list. It includes words and tests for all levels from A1 to C2. Plus, it can even draw pictures with DALL-E to give you hints.

3- Magic World - Interactive Stories

An interactive storybook where you're the hero!

Magic World is a GPT your child will adore, an interactive storybook where they are the hero. It first takes some personal details like eye color, hair color, and age, then creates an avatar. The story flows smoothly, posing some riddles and asking how you want to proceed, with your choices affecting the storyline. Each scene is visualized by DALL-E, drawing you into the story with fantastic images and fluid narration.

Try it here: Magic World - Interactive Stories

Here are a few visuals and sample story;

The story Story

Scene 1

Story Scene 1

Secene 2

Story Scene 2

4- Weather Forecast

Your guide for witty up to 10-day weather forecasts!

If checking the weather is the first thing you do in the morning, then this GPT is perfect for you. "Weather Forecast" is a fun application where you can get 10-day weather forecasts for your area. It offers amusing advice based on the weather and is entirely free.

Try it here: Weather Forecast GPT

5- iPhone Cover Crafter

Craft custom iPhone covers based on your style.

If you like customizing your iPhone, you should try this GPT. iPhone Cover Crafter helps you design custom iPhone covers. Describe your design style and the kind of design you envision, and it will create an iPhone cover design to suit your taste.

Try it here: iPhone Cover Crafter GPT

6- Bartender GPT - Cocktail Connoisseur

Your guide to mixology and drink suggestions.

Everyone dreams of making great cocktails, and now, thanks to AI, this dream is achievable for everyone. Ask "Bartender GPT" how to make your desired cocktail and learn the tricks of the trade. If you tell it the ingredients you have, it can even create special cocktails for you.

Try it here: Bartender GPT - Cocktail Connoisseur

7- File Converter - Convert Any File to Any

A guide for file conversion, offering instructions for various formats.

We're leaving behind the days when simple tasks took too much time. Converting a file to a different format often seems simple but can be time-consuming. "File Converter" makes this easy. Upload a file and tell it which format you need, and "File Converter" will do it for you. Of course, this is only possible if technically feasible. How can an excel file be converted to MP3? Maybe "File Converter" can do it.

Try it here: File Converter GPT

8- Excel Formula Guide

Expert in common Excel formulas, offering clear explanations and examples.

Excel Formula Guide Link

Not everyone has expert colleagues in Excel, and often we spend hours on simple Excel formulas. "Excel Formula Guide" is a GPT aimed at helping you with Excel formulas. Just tell it briefly what you want to do, and let it explain how you can do it.

Try it here: Excel Formula Guide GPT

9- Lawyer Locator

Guides users to find a suitable lawyer.

Law is a complicated field with dozens of specialties and thousands of lawyers expert in these areas. How will you find the lawyer that best suits your needs? "Lawyer Locator" learns your needs and region, then recommends experienced lawyers in that area. And it's free. Justice is needed by everyone.

Try it here: Lawyer Locator GPT

10- Dream Analyzer

Interpreting dreams with empathy

Dreams have fascinated humans since ancient times, and civilizations from Sumerians to Mayans have directed their lives based on dreams. Interpreting dreams can mean receiving messages from the future, deciphering messages from the subconscious, or just nonsense for some. I don't know what you think, but if you ever wonder what your dreams are trying to tell you, "Dream Analyzer" will help. Describe your dream, and let it explain its meaning.

Try it here: Dream Analyzer GPT