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ArticleDecember 31, 2023

GPT Store Optimization - First Review

OpenAI's GPT Store has finally launched, sparking curiosity and discussions among tech enthusiasts. With over 3 million custom GPTs available, we dive into how OpenAI ranks these tools, the significance of the recently leaked images, and practical advice for developers to enhance their GPT's visibility.

Kervan ASLANKervan ASLAN
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ArticleJanuary 03, 2023

What is brand engagement?

Brand engagement is the art of forging a strong bond between your brand and everyone it touches, from customers and clients to employees and investors.

Karen LevikKaren Levik
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ArticleNovember 24, 2022

What is cold emailing?

A cold email is an initial email sent to a potential contact or client without prior interaction or relationship. The core purpose of a cold email is to introduce oneself or one's business and to open a line of communication that could potentially lead to a business opportunity.

Karen LevikKaren Levik
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